Meet Our Staff- Part 5: Mark

Born in Grootfontein, Namibia in 1972, Mark had early exposure to Africa’s wild places through opportunities created by his geologist father, Nick. He loved nothing more than to escape into the bush with his father on mapping trips and one such excursion proved particularly formative for the youngster. Although his life ambition had always been to become a Game Ranger, it wasn’t until a chance encounter on foot with a pack of African Wild Dog in the dry Limpopo river bed, that Mark knew he could do no other work.

After completing a business degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, he went straight into a field guide apprenticeship at a premier Big 5 game lodge in the Waterberg district of the then Northern Province, ZA...

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Meet our Staff- Part 4: Linky

Linky probably had the dream childhood that any young girl who loves nature dreams of – she grew up on a farm in the heart of Mpumalanga, SA, surrounded by wildlife. With her trusty dingo (yes Dingo!) by her side, she loved nothing more than taking off into the wilds on horseback, exploring all day and only returning home as night fell.

Her family ran an animal rehab centre on the farm and Linky learned much about animal behaviour from her father, an expert on the subject. With such an upbringing, Linky was destined for a career in the wild and she wanted nothing else. Starting off as an intern at Lapalala Wilderness in the Waterberg straight out of high-school, she was fortunate to work with both animals and people; this was the start of her guiding career.

Linky quickly moved through th...

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Meet our Staff – Part 3: Janesta

Janesta has a unique and interesting background in nature, with several different factors coming together at just the right time. The result is a highly talented and passionate wildlife artist who moonlights as a field guide instructor!

Starting out while she was in high-school, Janesta spent time with respected herpetologist Johan Marais at the old Transvaal Snake Park, a truly inspirational introduction. Janesta developed her wildlife art talents while studying commercial art, advertising, architecture and draughting – many different aspects over the years.

The call of the wild was too much and Janesta later began studies and practical training to become a Field Guide. FGASA Level 1 and 2 came and went and with it she also gained a Top Achiever award...

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Meet our Staff – Part 2: Pioneer

Growing up in the wilderness of Zimbabwe, Pioneer had the earliest possible exposure to wildlife and bush-craft. It seems he too, was destined for a career in nature. After graduating high school, Pines began work in the hospitality industry and gained experience in various lodge-related duties.

Seeking an opportunity to enter the guiding realm, Pioneer relocated to Limpopo Province in SA and took up a position on a private game reserve, gaining further experience in all aspects of wildlife management and maintenance. As part of his internship, Pines was able to attend various guiding courses and soon qualified with FGASA Level 1 and the associated National Qualification in SA.

Pioneer continued to gain experience, guiding in various locations throughout Limpopo and Mpumalanga and ...

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