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Game Ranger Training Courses

Being a game ranger comes with a lot of responsibilities, and privileges also. For starters, it comes with freedom, freedom from routine and the freedom that comes from being one with nature. Also, it comes with the task of ensuring the safety of different animals and plants in your ecosystem. Regardless of the responsibilities, it is a coveted and rewarding career, and pursuing it is now is easy with Limpopo Field Guiding Academy game ranger training.

Training At Limpopo Game Ranger Academy

Game Ranger Training At Limpopo Field Guide Academy

Game Ranger Training

Limpopo field guiding academy offers the ideal environment and resources for comprehensive game ranger training. To be a game ranger, there are many practical skills needed as well as knowledge about different aspects of nature. This includes plants, animals and the earth.

Among other things you will learn:

Animal behaviour

To work in the African bush, you will be required to know all about the different animals in your ecosystem. For proper judgment to allow you interact with the animals, you will be required to learn about different animal behaviour, eg: what upsets them or what intimidates them. This will not only be crucial for reading the environment, but also for your safety as you are able to predict different animals’ behaviour.

Tracking and spoor identification

One of the main objectives of game ranger training is to give the trainee ability to identify and track different animals through the bush. You are taught to use different material like trails and tracks and droppings to identify different animals living in the area, and track them if need be.


Geology on the other hand allows you read the earth. Different histories are recorded in the rocks and the ground, and South Africa has numerous geological features unique to the country. This will allow you to get a detailed insight of the ecosystem and greater understanding of the plant and animal environments.


As a game ranger, you are also required to be able to read the celestial bodies. These include the stars, comets and other planets. This enables you to read the weather and predict weather changes, a vital skill when working in the bush. In addition to being crucial, learning to read the stars can also be very enjoyable and interesting. While receiving game ranger training courses at Limpopo field guiding academy, you will also be equipped with other practical skills for your convenience and safety.

These include:

  • Fire arm handling (specialised course – can only be done after Level 1)
  • 4 × 4 driving, as a game ranger, you will learn how to drive the four wheel drive as this is the most ideal car for getting around in the bush.

The Convenience Of Our Game Ranger Training

Limpopo field guiding academy offers the ideal setting for game ranger training. You get to approach the courses from a practical point of view as the nature and all relevant equipment are available. Furthermore, the training is FGASA endorsed, and is conducted by professionals passionate about their career.

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