Nature Guide Training FAQ’s


Nature Guide Training Questions Answered

Are there any laundry facilities at camp?

Yes, at a nominal extra charge.

How do I get from OR Tambo International Airport to the Limpopo Field Guiding Academy camp?

The best option if you do not have your own transport to camp is to make use of a shuttle service to bring you through to camp. Shuttle service options: Mr Shuttle – +27(0)827481651 Or you can use Waterberg Transfers: Cell: +27(0)823206515 or

Do I need a Visa to come to SA and do the course?

The only requirement you will need to comply with is to get a tourist visa in order to stay in the country for at least 3 months. The course will only take up just over 2 months of that time.

Is there Internet availability at the camp?

There is cellular data signal available at our base camp. The signal is a bit sporadic at times.

How do I obtain Field reference books if I cannot get to a bookshop?

You can order field reference books through FGASA well before the course starts, and they are then able to post them to your own post box. It is best to get all book required before you arrive on course.

What can / must I do in the mid phase break that happens on the 2 month course?

Most students either go home (if SA students) or visit friends. If you are international then your options are to either travel or stay with friends.

 Average temperatures throughout the year?

Summer (September – March) is quite warm. But can still be cold at night and early morning and chilly when it rains.

Winter (April – August) is cold at night and ok during the day. It does warm up enough during the day out in the bush to wear shorts, but always have a jacket close at hand.


How to make sure you get your CATHSSETA certificate and / or “C” number on the CATHSSETA database

Following recent allegations on social media that there is some problem with learners receiving CATHSSETA certificates and / or their “C” number on the CATHSSETA database if they had been assessed by a FGASA assessor (e.g. LFGA) – please take note of the following:

  • There is no problem and all FGASA assessments pertaining to CATHSSETA NQF qualifications (e.g.: FGASA Level 1) are uploaded to the CATHSSETA database by FGASA themselves. This ensures the learner has a “C” number, can receive a CATHSSETA certificate, and can register with NDT (DEAT).
  • There is currently a backlog with the uploading of learner names and acquisition of C numbers as described above, due to the fact that a previously outsourced task to upload names had failed and FGASA have subsequently taken back the responsibility of completing the task.


What to do if you are told by NDT (DEAT) that you have no “C” number:

  • Phone FGASA
  • Explain the situation
  • FGASA will check that you have in fact been declared competent for the relevant qualification
  • If so, FGASA will determine why you do not appear on the database and rectify the problem immediately
  • You will then have a C number (it takes a few days to happen) and register with NDT (DEAT)
    • The “C” number will only be given to the provider (in this case FGASA) and the registrars and not to the learner or any other 3rd party.
    • There is no extra charge for this and this has always been the case.  If you were declared competent in the past and did not get a CATHSSETA certificate FGASA will honour its commitment to you (if you are current member or not) and will procure your CATHSSETA certificate for you.
    • You should do this timeously and not at the last minute when your NDT registration has expired and needs renewing!


Students who were assessed by LFGA can contact our office for assistance if they are not sure of what to do. We are not able to assist with people who were not assessed through LFGA as we have no record of their qualifications and must focus our efforts on our students.

Please contact your assessor / training academy directly (if it was not LFGA). In other words – the people / academy that assessed you are the ones who will assist you further.

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