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Malaria Free Dangerous Game Venues

Venues throughout Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, South Africa

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Looking For Field Guide Training?

Have you always wanted to be a Ranger? Not sure where to get Ranger Training? Have you always wanted to work in the bush – with animals and Nature all around you? Does the thought of a 9-5 job in an office stress you out? Well relax,  Limpopo Field Guiding Academy has just the answer for you…  Our Field Guide Training, Safari Guide Training, Nature Guide Training and Game Ranger Training courses open up doors in the Eco-Tourism and Conservation industries that lead to the most satisfying careers that anybody could ever call their job!

What if you are already in a city career? Don’t worry – it’s never too late; if you are feeling unfulfilled in your current job, Limpopo Field Guide Academy allows you to make a career change. Field Guiding or, in the broader sense, Nature Guiding is an extremely rewarding career choice that will not only fuel your passion for Nature, but also afford you the lifestyle that most people only ever dream of.

Even if you simply want to learn more about nature and experience what a Game Ranger or Safari Guide does every day, our courses will give you that experience of a lifetime! That’s right – you can attend our courses even if you have no intention of guiding as a career.

But is this a financially sound career choice for those who intend working in the Field Guide industry?

Here Is The Good News

Field Guiding, Safari Guiding and, in the bigger picture, Eco-Tourism is Big Business. You can get professionally qualified at a fraction of the cost of tertiary education – and find an abundance of worthwhile employment opportunities carrying a decent salary and many fringe benefits, much more easily than with a general tertiary education behind your name.

If you want to get Field Guide Training and establish a career (or a stepping stone to other careers in the Eco-tourism and Conservation industries), your point of departure is professional training in Field Guiding and Safari Guiding from a training concern that is not only accredited by FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa), but also by AFGA (African Field Guides Association). Being endorsed by AFGA allows your qualification to be used to build a lucrative career in Eco-tourism in Africa.

What Can Go Wrong With My Field Guide Training?

If you choose the wrong academy to train you, you will end up with a worthless qualification because they are not FGASA or AFGA accredited trainers. The employers in the industry recognise FGASA and AFGA as the standard of quality for Field Guides – always check with FGASA if you are not sure if a company is accredited.  Also make sure that your training academy is able to facilitate the National Qualification in a particular country.


Avoid academies that claim to train you for “Level 1, 2 and 3 in one go”  in reality you are required to gain work experience as a Field Guide between levels. “All in one” training providers are fake and you will not achieve National Qualification.

Is This The Same As Being A Game Ranger?

The true Game Rangers of old were people who worked with the land and the animals and had limited contact with people. Times have changed and people are the biggest part of the Conservation industry now. Field Guides now work with people, the land and the animals.

So, where can one find a training company that not only meets all the requirements, but is the true leader in Field Guide Training,  Game Ranger Training and Nature Guide Training in South Africa?

Welcome to Limpopo Field Guiding Academy!

Limpopo Field Guiding Academy are the leaders in Field Guide Training and Game Ranging in Southern Africa by way of professional courses and development. We are committed to sustainable development in Eco-tourism through quality assurance.

When joining our training courses, you will also be contributing to conservation – Limpopo Field Guiding Academy is a green company, leaving no negative impact on the environment in any of the ecosystems that we operate. Indeed, our wilderness camp sees students learning about sustainable use of scarce resources such as water, fuel wood and fossil fuels. We don’t only talk about conserving our ecological treasures, we practice it.

Our Training Courses are conducted on Game Reserves throughout Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, South Africa, that have great biodiversity – as well as Dangerous Game!

We have a saying at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy: “Once a Limpopo Ranger, always a Limpopo Ranger.” This motto is echoed by all the students who have attended our courses over the years. Indeed, they are part of the Limpopo family!


Photo Credit – Yolandé Jansen van Rensburg

What Field Guide Training Courses Do we offer?

  • Basic Field Guiding Courses
  • Advanced Field Guiding Courses
  • Trails Guide, Dangerous Game, Tracking, Birding Courses
  • Preparation for FGASA Levels and CATHSSETA (SA) National Qualifications

Why Choose Limpopo Field Guiding Academy?

  • Individual attention
  • 9 basic courses per year with options for specialised courses thereafter
  • Our courses are endorsed by both FGASA and AFGA, and we offer free FGASA practical evaluation during our two-month course. There is also a special sitting of the FGASA theory exam on our two-month course.
  • Free CATHSSETA (Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority) National Qualification assessment on the two-month course
  • Highly skilled, qualified and passionate trainers and field guides on course
  • Work opportunities – our successful students are in the highest demand in the market place
  • Value for money – the highest quality training at very competitive rates

So, if you are looking for professional Field Guide Training with registered FGASA qualifications then look no further than Limpopo Field Guide Training Academy’s excellent training courses!


Note: Not every image on this website reflects every venue we use for courses.

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