Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 3

Follow the story of LFGA student Amy Andree, a zookeeper from Wisconsin, USA, right here on our blog series. In this 3rd installment, Amy shares the highs and lows of the famous Track and Sign Week.

Week 3: we are nearly half way through Phase 1 and all of us have completed our first game drive. We’ve had elephants visit our camp a couple times now. You could watch them for hours and still have so much to learn. This week is all about Track and Sign Interpretation.

We were lucky enough to have two incredibly knowledgeable interns during our tracking week, educating us and helping us along the way. Didi from Germany and Caterina from Italy, took us out into the bush for 8-9 hours a day locating tracks and signs for us to identify.

The week was tough and some of us had some o...

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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 2

Follow Amy’s journey as a student field-guide, right here in our blog series. In Week 2 Amy shares insight about the learning process and day to day activities at our student camp.

Week 2: The knowledge I’ve gained from week one was more than I learned in a semester of college. I’ve noticed myself paying attention to the grasses, the wind, the smells and began to really listen. Our first exam was difficult with a lot of information but our trainers presented the information in an excellent way recalled from their experiences, so their knowledge is immeasurable. A good teacher teaches what he or she has been taught but a wise teacher teaches what they have learned and that’s exactly what our instructors do. This week’s lessons were on mammals, birds and animal behavior.

The ...

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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 1

Amy Andree, from Wisconsin in the USA, had previously visited SA where she fell in love with our natural beauty and wildlife. A zookeeper by profession, Amy had a longing to return and develop her knowledge and experience of African Wildlife. In January 2019 that dream became a reality as Amy joined our FGASA endorsed 2-month Field Guide Level 1 Training Program.

Follow her story right here on our blog as Amy breaks it down, week by week.

Week 1: After visiting South Africa in 2017 I had a powerful longing to return. After hearing about the field guide course at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy I worked everyday towards taking this opportunity of a lifetime. Week one of the course exceeded all of my expectations.

I knew it would be challenging and it tested me in every way possi...

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Meet Our Staff- Part 5: Mark

Born in Grootfontein, Namibia in 1972, Mark had early exposure to Africa’s wild places through opportunities created by his geologist father, Nick. He loved nothing more than to escape into the bush with his father on mapping trips and one such excursion proved particularly formative for the youngster. Although his life ambition had always been to become a Game Ranger, it wasn’t until a chance encounter on foot with a pack of African Wild Dog in the dry Limpopo river bed, that Mark knew he could do no other work.

After completing a business degree at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, he went straight into a field guide apprenticeship at a premier Big 5 game lodge in the Waterberg district of the then Northern Province, ZA...

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