Field Guide Training Student Feedback


It has been an absolute pleasure being able to train at LFGA the last 2 months.I would like to thank everyone that had a part in training us so that we can be the best guides in the field.This is the best training environment and I had the time of my life.Thanks to the best trainers who have also become friends,thanks for all your patience and hard work.Pioneer Moyo, Tiziano Allegretti Wian van Zyl Cameron Pearce Janesta Pulella and Mark Stavrakis you are legends.

Johan Potgieter (SA)



Your Staff on site, Pioneer and Tiz are exceptional their passion, knowledge, Leadership and teaching skills are phenomenal. I could broaden my knowledge further thanks to their skills.

Even though I did not intend to get any qualifications, the amazing experience changed my mind. I am currently planning with my work to get time of for the National Qualification.

Dominik Lippuner (Switzerland)


Being at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy has been the best experience ever in my life.

I LEARNED A LOT!!! When I came to the bush, I knew not more than 5 animals, meaning I only knew the big five. I didn’t think I would actually make it through the course, but with the encouragement of the staff, lecturers and fellow students, I did manage to complete my course. Like I said, I knew not many animals but Limpopo Field Guiding Academy made me a greater person (Nature Guide).

I would have attended the nature guiding course in Zimbabwe, but the practical part was the one lacking in Zimbabwe, and fortunately I did get that with Limpopo Field Guiding Academy.

I learned that good things don’t just come easily, you have to work hard and strive through hard times to achieve your goals.

Thanks to the in-class tests which we were given every week and these played a major role in assessing myself on how I was performing.

When it came to track and sign, thanks a lot to Tiz who helped me to catch up with antelope tracks, since I knew ZERO.

There was a lot which had to be learnt in short time, and one had to work his foot off day and night to make sure you would achieve a 75% pass mark. This might had been stressful but yes we also had time to refresh our mind Swimming, Volleyball and obviously sitting at the fireplace.

Janesta, knew that I wanted to learn a lot about birds, but it was really hard for me to catch up, and good she always offered help during rest time. I now know a lot of birds because of her.

Also not forgetting the hard times I gave Mark on the phone regarding what I would do next if pass my course, and funny enough I was already planning what I would next when I was not even half way the course, But he would say was, “study hard Tafara and all will come in place after you pass your FGASA level”, and yes that really encouraged me a lot. “

From Tafara Beta,  (Zimbabwe)


“Just came back from my drive. Wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity… Being told by SA guests that they have never before heard the info I was giving was a huge privilege, and made me realize once again the professionalism of LFGA. Was a lot of fun as well.

Thanks again.”

From Riccardo Tosi (Tanzania)


“Had the most amazing time here some awesome memories made and thanx to our incredible lecturers !!!!! Thanx guys keep it up!”

From Garrick Geldenhuys, (South Africa)


“What about my trainer Charles Trennery and Tiziano Allegretti?! Well, they are wonderful! Charles is the best trainer I’ve ever met: always calm and precise! Tiziano is a CyberTracker monster!! Wow! If you have to choose, choose Limpopo Field Guiding Academy !!”

Davide Dal Pos


“Cannot wait to start my job down at Lions Valley Lodge. It has  been a great few weeks for me, if it was not for my two trainers I would not have what it takes to be what I am , I owe everything to these guys — Tiziano Allegretti and Charles Trennery.”

Nicolas Nel (SA)


Hi Mark

I really enjoyed your Field Guiding Course. You can be proud of Charles and Tiziano, they have such competent way of conveying their knowledge to the students, they just admire and adore them!

Thanks again and best wishes for the future.

Petro van Heerden (SA)


Thank you Limpopo Field Guide Academy and especially to Charles for an Epic 2 Months!!! Greatest experience ever! Couldn’t have asked for a better trainer!!!

Wian van Zyl (SA)


Hi Mark.

Hope all is well and that the courses are going great! I wanted to find out if you could maybe help me. I’m managing a lodge in Swaziland and we will be hiring a guide withing the next month or 2 but looking for somebody that is new in the industry( just finished training). I really want to hire somebody from LFGA because of the high and professional standards the students get assessed on. Once again hope all is well!

All the best

Robbie Bezuidenhout (SA)


“Thanks a lot Mark,  this will surely help me. I really miss my  time as a student – it was awesome! Thanks again- I couldn’t have  asked for a better career than field guiding and you guys made it all possible!”

Tys Swanepoel (SA)


Hi to all at Limpopo FGA,its Graham from the May Tracking Course! I just want to say thank you for all the knowledge you passed on to me to allow me to progress in the industry. I am now a guide at Bayete Zulu in Zululand! We are the only place in Kzn where one can interact with elephants so I got the best of both worlds, being able to guide as well as follow my passion for animals! I’ve done my Back -up Trails Guide qualification now as well and will have Lead Trails soon. I will be looking to my CyberTracker Trailing assessment in the future!


Beste Lientjie en ander kollegas

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir die tyd en aandag wat julle aan Jason Erasmus gegee het tydens die kursus. Hy het dit baie geniet en hoop om goed te doen in sy eksamen. Hy mik nou al – bietjie te voortydig sou ek reken – om so gou as moontlik sy vlak 2 ook te doen.


Baie dankie dat julle jul liefde vir veld en diere met hom gedeel het en sodoende vir hom sekerheid gegee het oor sy loopbaan.

DANKIE. Ons waardeer dit opreg.


Hi Lientjie/Mark

Ek wil net graag terugvoer gee oor die Kurses:1 – Ons was van dag 1 af baie beindruk met Limpopo Field Guiding veral toe ons ons eie kamer gekry het. Ons besef dat dit iets eksta was wat julle vir ons beskikbaar gemaak het om in ons individuele behoeftes te voorsien al het ons niks ekstra daarvoor betaal nie.

2 – Uitstappie na die leeu-afdeling – Hierdie was nog ‘n voorbeeld van iets wat Limpopo nie verplig was om vir ons 3-weke ouens te bied nie maar tog dit vir ons moontlik gemaak het.

3 – Shani en Charles was albei uitstekende leermeesters en vol entusiasme. Dit was moeilik om nie te deel in hulle liefde en passie vir die natuur nie. Dit is lang ure wat hulle werk maar jy kon nooit sien hulle is moeg of nie lus om iets te doen nie. Charles het in die aande saam ons almal gekuier en al ons vrae geduldig beantwoord en bosstories gedeel. Hy het soms sommige etes gemis omdat hy met iemand aan die gesels raak en daar dan nie meer tyd oor is vir eet nie. Sy kennis en ervaring is uitstekend.

Oor die algemeen was die 3-weke vir ons uitstekend en onvergeetlik en ons sal Limpopo Field Guiding se naam hoog hou sover ons gaan.

Baie dankie vir als.

Groete Marilise en Chris Meyer (SA)


Student Experience by: Eric Lessing
I had wanted to experience the African bush for as long as I can remember. Being from Europe I wanted to do something specialand decided to do a FGASA Level 1 Field Guiding Course through Limpopo Field Guiding Academy in South Africa.
Having enrolled in a course with the Limpopo Field Guiding Academy, I expected I would learn a lot about the bush and bush life. In reality I got more than I ever expected. Not only did I learn about the bush but I fell in love with it! The course is an intense combination that teaches you about nature, the wonders it has to offer and also about yourself. Course life is mixed with making new friends, learning , experiencing nature, the realities and sometimes the dangers of being in the bush. Insights into animal behaviour teach you to read the things you find while you are in the bush and you learn to interpret these signs., allowing you to recreate the events in your mind .
With 2 game drives per day, lectures in between, tests every week on numerous subjects, the pace is high, but worth it’s weight in gold! Evenings around the campfires allow you to relax and exchange experiences with fellow students and reflect on the day’s events. That, coupled with the view of a star filled night sky, is awe inspiring! The instructors offer a wealth of information that I could never have imagined and have made me aware of the new world that has opened up for me.
All in all the Limpopo Field Guiding Academy has given me a new lease on life and a new love; the African Bush! I have now been offered a position as a Field Guide in South Africa and having gotten the opportunity to show what I have to offer tells me that all the hard work and learning was worth it! Thank you Mark, Linky, Charles and Janesta for all you have given me!
Blog by Erik Lessing, Limpopo Ranger 2013
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