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Safari Guide Training Courses

Nothing is more fulfilling than working in the bush, surrounded by nature and animals. Such an opportunity arises when you decide to dedicate your life in working as a safari guide or game ranger. These jobs are not boring as they do not tie you from 8.00am to 5.00pm like most office jobs. That is why everyone willing to follow a career in Safari Guiding should enrol in one of our safari guide training courses.

A career in safari guiding, field guiding and the wider eco-tourism industry is big business and always rewarding. The cost for our safari guide training courses is usually less than that of getting tertiary education but offers a wide range of employment opportunities. However, this is only possible if you only get training from an institution accredited by the FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa).

Safari Guide Training Accreditation

We, Limpopo Safari Guiding Academy are not only accredited by the FGASA but also by the AFGA (African Field Guides Association). This ensures that getting safari guide training with us equips you for employment in the Ecotourism and conservation industries anywhere on the African Continent.

It is therefore very important to ensure the institution you train from is FGASA and AFGA accredited. Failure to do so will result in a worthless qualification that cannot secure you a job anywhere. Unfortunately, some academies claim to train Level 1,2 and 3 all at once. This is unacceptable as you are required to gain field experience in between the levels. Rest assured that at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy, the levels of qualification are conducted correctly and ethically.

You will be contributing to conservation efforts by just joining our courses. We are a green company who leaves no negative impact on the ecosystem. We train our safari guide students on sustainable development and recruit them to be the guardians of the environment. We do not just train on conserving the environment, we practice it.

Our Training Courses

Students Walking On One Of Our Safari Guide Training Courses

Students walking and learning at the same time

Our safari guide training takes place in the foothills of the great Waterberg Mountains and in game reserves that are rich in biodiversity, including the Big Five! Our students always feel a part of our family, even after completion of their courses, and have adopted our key phrase: “Once a Limpopo Ranger, Always a Limpopo Ranger!”

We offer a variety of courses from which you can choose from. These are basic safari-guide training courses, advanced safari-guiding courses, dangerous game, tracking and birding courses. We also offer preparations for CATHSSETA (SA) national qualifications and FGASA certification.

Why Choose Our Safari Guide Training?

With us you are assured of individual attention and quality safari guide training. This is because we only admit a small group of students at a time.

As previously mentioned, our courses are endorsed by the AFGA and the FGASA. This ensures you are equipped for employment anywhere on the African continent.

Our trainers are highly trained, experienced, qualified and passionate and are therefore well placed to offer you the best training.

With us you are assured of a job opportunity. This is because most employers trust us making the demand for our students very high.

Exercise caution when choosing a training institute for your safari guide training. This is because some academies out there are not qualified to offer this training and will only leave you with a worthless certificate. Enrol now at Limpopo Field Academy and we will get you qualified as a safari guide.

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