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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 8

The result of hard work!

Our intrepid young blogger and Apprentice Field Guide, Amy, writes about her final week at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy and summarises the entire experience of training to be a Field Guide in Africa.


Week 8: As the hot African sun disappeared beyond the horizon and the clouds changed from yellow, orange to pink, the sky darkened and the stars begin to show their glittery light. All the while, I reflected on my time here in the bush. Taking this course has been the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life.

Final Sunset

Before coming to Limpopo Field Guiding Academy I thought I knew a lot about animals but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The knowledge I gained over the past two months has been invaluable...

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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 7


The zookeeper from Wisconsin is in her penultimate week at Limpopo Field Guiding Academy and Week 7 did not disappoint! Follow Amy’s adventures as she and the Phase 2 group enjoy Birding with Janesta and get ready for the big FGASA Practical evaluation coming up!

Lions in Camp ….again!

Week 7: Lions jolted me awake several times this week as the bone-chilling intensity of their roar vibrated my nerves and tent as they slowly made their way closer and closer to our camp. Each morning we woke up to cape turtle doves singing, saw lion tracks by our tents and headed out into the bush identifying different bird species and their calls.


Janesta, a respected instructor and author of Pathfinder accompanied us this week for birding...

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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 6

Fire Sticks with Massi

Pick up the story in Week 6 as Amy and her class-mates prepare for the big FGASA exam, spend time with another iconic trainer, and continue to learn the practical skills that will prepare them to enter the industry as Apprentice Field Guides.

A Journey of Giraffe

Week 6: Observing elephants and giraffes in the same setting was such a beautiful way to wrap up week five. After another week of lectures, studying, walks and game drives, we made time to relax by the pool and made a trip to the shop to get food and supplies we needed for the week. We played sports and laughed a lot. Not only is it important to engage your body and mind but also to enjoy every moment. Balance is as important in life as it is in nature.

Stick shift Series 3

Studying occ...

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Student Diary – Amy Andree, Week 5

We pick up the story of the Zookeeper from Wisconsin; Amy returns from her break-week, now back at camp with Limpopo Field Guiding Academy – things are a little different, old friends have departed, new faces abound – what does Week 5 have in store for our intrepid adventurer?

What a sighting!

Bush Classroom

Week 5: Upon arriving back at camp for phase two after an incredible break, we were welcomed back by buffalo in the river by our tents along with a chorus of hippos and jackals that night. We met the new group of students from South Africa who are now accompanying us on our journey for their phase one course.

Baboon spider nest

Our lectures this week were on ecology, fish, arthropods and amphibians...

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